The Corona Difference

Sure, there are many commercial dinnerware suppliers out there. But why has Corona Hotelware continued our reputation of providing top quality since 1881? Because we cater to YOUR needs.

We provide a wide selection of dinnerware and glassware to suit all needs for every type of restaurant. We also have an excellent custom dinnerware program, something many suppliers don’t offer.

But possibly the most notable difference is our outstanding quality. All of our dinnerware is:

  • Chipping and scratch resistant
  • Conventional oven-proof
  • Stackable
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Temperature change resistant

Corona Hotelware also offers a replacement service and an excellent customer service team. We are here to meet your needs and look forward to working with you!


Corona Custom Creations!

Imagine how your guest will feel after finishing the last bite of their delicious meal to find your customized logo on the center of the plate. The image will certainly resonate with them, and show just how proud your establishment is of its culinary creations!

Corona Hotelware makes it so simple to get a new line of customized dinnerware. Our special glaze process ensures the logo is very resistant to fading and we can even help design the perfect artwork for your restaurant! Choose from dozens of options, depending on your restaurant theme and desired feel of the dinnerware. We can even send you a free sample in as little as eight days.

To keep your signature dinnerware looking its best, there are some tips to follow regarding washing, drying and storage. However, Corona Hotelware prides itself on our reputation for quality products and we know you will find our dishes will make lasting impressions meal after meal.

Corona’s Corporate Giving Programs

At Corona Hotelware, we strongly believe in supporting the local community in which our employees live. Our most elaborate manufacturing facility is located the Loceria Columbiana in Caldas and ranks among largest in the world, We have a total commitment to the town of Caldas and have over 120 years of history in supporting and employing a large percentage of the town population.

We also believe in fostering a sense of community among our family of workers. Some of the social programs implemented that favor both the workforce and the town include educational programs at local schools, providing homeowner assistance to over 85% of our current workers, contributing to a children’s health clinic, and providing employees with financial advising and special savings accounts.

Corporate giving is a crucial part of running a successful company. We believe in rewarding our employees with programs that support solid family and financial foundations – and in turn our community will prosper.